There are three types of success for me:

The most important one is breeding friendly, sound and typical Golden Retrievers. Success is when everyone that owns a dog bred by me is happy and satisfied. To date, I haven’t heard any real substantial complaints and that makes me very proud and happy.

The second type of success is when „experts“ in the breed /show judges, temperament test judges etc.) confirm that my dogs are typical ambassadors of the breed. I am very proud and overwhelmed that five of my dogs became German Champions or even multi champions – a success story not many kennels have written. And among my champions are champions of my own breed and that makes me even prouzder and happier.

And the third type of success is when my dogs prove that they have the ability to work. Cracker and Sunshine passed some official hunting dog tests – in some disciplines they had better results than „real“ hunting dogs as the hunters said. And I am really proud of our progeny that „work“ in different fields … they are loyal companions and assistants of their disabled owners. They work as diabetes-warning-dog, work in a speech therapy practice, as pet dogs in kindergardens, senior citizen-homes or hospitals and as real assist-dogs.These dogs prove that my breeding principles are correct – they are biddable, have extreme will to please etc. In short: exactly what the breed standard describes the golden retriever to be!

And I don’t want to conceal that my dogs make me happy every single day – with their love, their affection, their trust, their loyality and the never ending cuddling sessions. This is my personal feeling of success.

Am I satisfied? – Yes!!!