If you have read the story about Maisie here on our website you may understand why we call her our „drama-queen“ – even her making was full of bigger and smaller dramas.

No wonder that her first litter followed in her shoes. We gave the RR-Litter the motto: „From Apocalypse to Apotheoses“

Ant it is full of it, so many up and downs in a such a short perod of time is rare. In the end it paid off, the final apotheoses counts, the puppies turned out fine, just as I hoped for – the most beautiful and wonderful pups of the whole galaxy.

OK, let’s start with the beginning: The stud dog I chose beared some risk. I only knew him from the internet, however, nowadays this isn’t uncommon anymore, dating platforms pop up everywhere. He is very young,too and a male virgin. And I wanted to use him for my virgin Maisie. But Tiemen, that’s his name, is a good bloke and Nancy, his breeder, told me lots of goodies about him. His pedigree is outstanding, the genes should fit perfectly with Maisies. So, no risk no fun, let’s go for it.

As usual with the introduction of the happy parents and the very promising pedigree:

The mating was very satisfying – at leasdt for the main actors. For both of them it was the very first try, but threfor it was absolutely perfect.The first for weeks of her pregnancy went by without any catrastrophes, the ultrasound showed that Maisie was well filled. Everybody around here and in Belgium was enthused and happy, but only one week later Maisie slimed green slime, and green is never good. Off to the vet clinic, they started the full program and came out with the diagnosys that Maisie must have absorbed one puppy and that meant „Red Alarm“ for all the remaining pups. But with a whole bunch of medication, lots of love and caring and a good portion of luck we could sitch to apotheoses again.

On December 12,2022 Maisie produced the first two puppies – all girls – in only 15 minutes. Apotheoses? No such luck, what followed was the deep fall into a major apocalypse. Two hours went by and nothing happened – far too long.Againb off to the clinic. But before we arrived there Maisie produced a dead puppy on the drive. That was the cause of the birth jam. Why do we know? Because only two minutes later the next puppy was there and only four minutes later another one – both girls too.

At the clinic another ultrasound, the remaining pups were ok, so we opted against a cesarian and wauited for a natural birth. Not too long, witrhin the hour the rest of the gang was out – all alive and kicking.

From there on no more apocalyppses just pure apotheoses. However, our „drama-queen“ made it quite enthralling and exciting.

So, we got 7 puppies – six girls and a statutory boy. An as I said before: the most beautiful and wonderful pups of the whole galaxy:

It was a very balanced litter, no wet-your-pants-pups, no slobs, no goops. no snobs. Everyone cute, friendly, cuddly, active, playful – just flagship pups.

Take a look by yourself – here’s the world-famous carousel again:

After this mass gathering it’s time for the official beauty shots of the little RR’s:

Well folks that’s all about the RR’s – I wish them all the best in their new family, a long and healthy life and lots of fun and goodies.

The very best comes last as ever – the report of the breed-warden of the official litter assessment:

“Very friendly, playful puppies, very nice construction, super bone and coat. A well balanced litter with typical, classic Retriever-heads. A litter with quality! Very loving family breeding by an decadelong experienced breeder. Comme-il-faut-breeding! ”