For not boring you stiff, this time we do not start with the pedigree, I don’t show a pedigree at all. Not because it is so devastating, no you’ve seen it before, even two times. The pedigree of the EE’s is the same as of the Y’s or the CC’s. By now it should be clear that The EE-Litter is the third litter of River and Jersey.

Why? – Because I like the Y’s and the CC’sa lot and all health results prove the quality of this combination, except of one. But that little girl had a duel with a car and that has nothing to do with bad genes.

Quite unusual to do the same thing for three times – yes, but I’m known for doing things like this. And til now, it pays off.

Here come Mom an Dad of the CC-Litter: Jersey and River – with brand new pics, o.k. almost brand new pics:

On the 9th of October they did it – fast and furious and lustful – the way River and Jersey love it. Not bad for an old couple. However, three times in three years is way under average for normal (i.e. human) couples.

On the 8th of December- it was whelping day. Starting at 5.54 a.m. 8 pups were born. The shop was closed at 11.20. And – quite normal for Jersey and River, a well balanced litter, 4 boys and 4 girls – all alive and kicking.

Now I am inviting you to a journey through time – 8 weeks of the life of our EE’s. Take something to drink and a few snscks along, such a journey takes time. As usual: click on the pick, off it goes, you set the speed or just go with the flow.

Safely home from your trip, good to see again. No time to rest, take a look at the official beautyshots of the EE’s:

The last words belong to our breedwarden as usual:

“Well balanced litter, super coat, excellent pigment, good bone. The puppies are very lively, playful and very human related and cuddly. All in all very even and very promising. Very well socialized by the breeder and her family, their efforts were rewarded by an excellent litter.“

Oh yes says Miss Tess! Who in hell is Miss Tess? I don’t have the slightest idea – but it’s a nice rhyme.