It all started very normal. I expected Ruby to come into season mid or end September. I started early to look for a lover boy. Soon after I started I found a wonderful sire from Scotland, also fulfilling all my wishes regarding temperament. The sire’s pedigree was absolutely stunning and perfect for my line.. And it would extraordinarily enhance the gene pool of my breeding, knowing his excellence in passing on his goodies.

However, this Scotish boy also had a disadvantage – he was already 12 years old and that took its toll. Well, it can’t hurt to ask! So I called Ellen McKay his owner and we got along very well right from the start. But she had bad news – the sire wasn’t in business anymore. After some “ oh my, oh well, oh dear, oh my goodness, oh my God!“ – she felt sorry for me and said: „Well, I think I still have one portion of frozen semen“ and – causing blissful happiness on my side of the wire – she was willing giving it to me respectively to Ruby. The semen was from 2009, a good vintage.

Why was I so blissful happy? You can see it here, this is Harris alias SHCH Lochtaymor King of Diamonds:

For all who know to read pedigrees anf for all who are not red-blind the pedigree of the DD’s – just to say ooh and aah!

After the flood of happiness comes the part of the DD story that demonstrates why it has to be named „The Drama“. Although the semen was taken in 2009, which determins the date, when the stud dog did his part of the mating, the „honouable“ Mr. Main-Breedwarden insisted he needs an actual eye certificate of him. Maybe he thought that eyes develop chataract when frozen.

Despite all arguments the Mr. Main-Breedwarden insisted, and neither he or the Chairman of the Club answered all letters or E-Mails, quite following the devise: the bitch is in season, if we do not react, the whole matter is over within two weeks anyway. I never thought that such a grotty bad behaviour would be possible with office-bearers of our club. Well, both got their just deserts – both got voted off at the next election.

I told Ellen the bad news and you know what, her good and strong Scottish braveheart awoke: „We will not let them come through with it“, and she took the old guy to the vet – I would have never asked for it. Eyes were stll clear, the h“honourable“ Mr. Main-Breedwaerden had to bite his tongue and his behind and had to give me the breed-permission for this mating – I think I heard his outburst of fury 100 miles away.

However, there is a sad catch, it costed Harris‘ life, what made me furious and sad as you can image. And guess who is to be blamed for that in the end?!

Thanks to the invaluable effort of Ellen and the unjustifiable sacrifice of Harris Ruby could be mated. And thanks to the competence of our reproduction-guru  – Dr. Blendinger – out of a mini-portion of semen grew a big and great litter.

By no means these pups are the most beautiful pups of the world, they are the most beautiful Golden Retriever puppies of all worlds and all galaxies. They were born on November 26, it started shortly after 8 and at 2.30 it was all over – at night of course – how else could it be? 9 puppies – 3 boys and 6 girls. There would have been 7 girls, but the last one was stillborn, she went directly to her father and is keeping him company in dog’s heaven. Have a good time up there you two!

The nine others are sound and healthy and we are very happy to have them with us – especially after all the tragedies that happened before.

And here they are – Harris‘  legacy:

So, it’s time again for a trip through the first 8 weeks of our little DD’s. And because one pic says more than 1000 words, a real Tolstoj is waiting for you. So, take your time, click on the pic and off you go!

Now it’s time again for the official beautyshots of the DD’s:

What made me happy about this litter is that Ellen picked a boy for herself, so at least she has one of Harris‘ legacy at home to comfort her.

Only one thing left, the unctuous evaluation of our breedwarden – of course not from our „honourable“ Mr. Main-Breedwarden, he will not put a foot in our home again. This time it’s a Misses Breedwarden – a nice one:

“Friendly, trusting, lively, proper puppies with excellent pigment, excellent coat and very good bone. All the puppies are well integrated in their family.”