Skye aka Dailuaine Fields of Gold is one of the two healthy F-Litter-Twins out of our Welsh adventure. 4000 miles in the car, one week at an hotel in Wales around Easter, cesarian, only two pups and kept one. Doesn’t sound like a good deal. But this dog outweighed it all.

This dog is a whirlwind!  Her lifestyle can only be described like this:press the pedal to the metal or cruising.  She has deleted anything and everything that lies between. However, despite being the tornado she is, she is very biddable and obedient!

She is a real beauty – elegant and very feminine. Her ring presence can be felt before she even enters the ring! And how well had she proven her show quality: Skye is German Champion. And that means a lot for me, because it is the first Champion I bred myself and because her mother was Champion too. That proves that my breeding-line isn’t that bad and that I had a pretty good gut feeling choosing the right sires. Congratulations to Wales too, to Trewater Latino – the father of Champions.

Are you interested in the comment of my „You-take-the-credit-for-the-title-and-I-got-caught-with-all-the-work“-spouse: „Now I have to redecorate the whole corridor!“ Why he had to do it? Because one of the walls of our hallway is our Wall of Champions. And he has to find room for the fifth Champion now. Skye is in good company there united with her mother Sunshine, our Cracker Jack, with her half sister Ripple and our Shadow.

However, in her mind there was not only carreer she also brought up three wonderful litters – the M-, Q- and W-Litter.

Skye is 14 now (2018) but still fit. She doesn’t live with us any more, she is one of the victims of our malicious neighbour and of the building authority. However, ew are very happy that she came in a loving family. there she is on a mission. She takes care of another dog who didn’t overcome the loss of her companion. In the meantime they both are real bosom bodies and her new family wouldn’t let her go anymore. We feel good about that, however with a sort of melancholy feelings.