Once again, the LL-Litter is something very special – for me at least. It’s special, because it is Shiloh’s litter, Shiloh is special, because she is qualified for Crufts – lifelong. Maybe out there are one or two who don’t know what Crufts is. I love to talk and brag about it, so I am more than willing to explain it to the know-nothing. Crufts is the most famous and most important dog show on earth, you are only allowed to participate if you are qualified for it. Crufts has the same meaning for dog shows as Wimbledon has for tennis. Well, Shiloh might cash her ticket not before she is a veteran. Family is still more important than career – just like it is with litter.

Question was: Is there a fella out there who is worth to put family over career? Well, I found one – it’s Paddy from Denmark – alias TAMNIAM PEPPER POT – well, you can’t blame him for his name. Despite his name he is a loveable, friendly lad, genetics and temperament are congenial to Shiloh – so, we gave it a try. Evidently the pedigree of the LL-Litter doesn’t look bad at all, it’s rather impressive:


Beside that, the mating of Paddy and Shiloh was high risk for me – not because of the two dogs, but because of my „I’ll manage- I’ve seen it often enough“- Want-to-be-mating-expert-husband. Why? Shiloh and Rhoda synchronized their season perfectly, they came into season on the same day, their progesteron reached mating-level on the same day , and that meant: mating at the same time.

However, Rhoda’s guy lives in Northern Germany, Shiloh’s guy in Denmark. My ability to be Don Bosco who was able to be at two places the same time are very limited. So, I decided to stay with our „problem child“ Rhoda and therefore I couldn’t help sending Shiloh and my hubby to Denmark and Paddy.  You can believe me, I was scared to death and full of fear that I might regret it for my whole life and beyond.

Well, the two of them used their unaccostomed freedom to full capacity. They rented a luxury cabin at Denmark’s coast – to compensate this, my nice and generous dimwit-hubby booked a tiny room in a 35 Euro hotel for me and Rhoda. Fair enough that their dream of nice walks on the beach din’t become true. On their first try they found out that apparently the whole population of Denmark’s male dogs were gathering there waiting for Shiloh.  Even my ignorant dimwit trhought this might be too dangerous and contraproductive for a successful mating according to his orders. He was damn right, otherwise I would have sent him to hell.

To demonstrate why I was so pissed, I’ll show you the Denmark-residence of my two sex-tourists:

Back home both of them swore to high heaven that the mating was absolute perfect Paddy and Shiloh copulated till kingdom come and the bells were ringing. Rather than believing everything they said I talked to Kaj – the owner of Paddy – just to be on the safe side. His „mission-accomplished“-statement calmed me down a little bit – more than all evocations of my „Mating-Supervisor-Champion“-dimwit-hubby.

So far, so good – the next 4 weeks were the longest in my life, did Rhoda take, was the mating of Shiloh really so perfect. I was full of anxiety, doubts and hope.

Well, after these nervewrecking 4 weeks, everything was just beautiful: Shiloh and Rhoda were pregnant – both full to the rim. And five weeks later both whelped without proplems, for heaven’s sake not on the same day, Shiloh came down threeandahalf days later than Rhoda – with a lovely litter of nine sound puppies.

All nine LL’s were alive and kicking, they gained weight properly and even shared Shiloh’s milk with a cuckoo’s child, because I put one of Rhoda’s pups to Shiloh because she had a spare tit. Shiloh adopted the pup instantly.

So time went by without any problems in the whelping box and when the time came to leave the box, all twelve KK’s and all nine LL’s lived in co-education and shared everything very brotherly and sisterly. How it was with 21 pups you can see when you click through the following caroussell. And by the way, the KK’s are theones with their color-dot on the butt, the LL’s have theirs on the neck:

After this mass gathering of puppies it’s about time to present the little LL’s individually and in full glory – here are the official beauty shots:

So, that was it with the LL’s from my side – almost. I wish them and their new families all the best, a long, healthy and happy life full of joy.

The best at the end – the truly right remarks of the official breed warden of the Club:

„Very nice, active, trusty, friendly and
well socialized puppies. Very nice pigment,
expressive heads, well constructed pups,
excellent bone and coat and angulation.

Excellent family oriented breeding and upbringing
by very engaged breeder together with her total family.
Optimal!  Comme il fault!“