The II-Litter is Shiloh’s first litter, so you have to be very careful picking the right guy for her. It should be the special one, because the first time is always something very special, isn’t it.

Due to our DD-Litter I intensely studied the Lochtaymor-Line and decided this would be the third of my major lines. Then I picked Harris aka Lochtaymor King of Diamonds – that mating was tragic but successful. The original can’t be used anymore, we used the last drop, so I started thinking using his son for Juicy and now for Shiloh. It sounds very logical to me, Shiloh is River’s daughter, Ruby is the sister of River, Juicy is Ruby’s daughter, Ruby was Harris‘ wife. It stays in the family though and that’s fine for me. Of course a maiden should be led in you know what by an experienced and elder lover ( „led in fits perfect“ – drooled my old-fogey-Gigolo of husband) – well even this critical criterion was accomplished by Connor, he is almost a year older than Shiloh.

To enable you to follow my thoughts and decisions, here’s the pedigree of the II’s to be and the patrents live and in colour:

Mid May Connor and Shiloh met, he was led in her and after a tewntythree-minutes-ooohhhhh-Connor Shiloh was led into love and mated.

After the mating we were full of hope, after the scan we were full of knowing and Shiloh full of friutchambers – how many? we don’t know exactly, only Shiloh knows and she didn’t tell us. Here you can see two of them – and only my „on-the-edge-of-lunacy“-husband saw more than everybody else: “ Clear and definite, a revelry took place there. In the left hole, The she or he – even I can tell you that exactly – is standing at the bar having a whee dram. And the she or he in the right hole had a few too many and sleeps away his buzz on. Maybe we should test the fruit water, maybe it has some revs too many of alcohol in it.“ „You senile nuthead!“ – was the only possible answer to such a kind of bullshit.

 Waiting was over on the 20th of July. Early in the morning at about three Shiloh got a bit unsteady and wanted to go in the garden. Shortly after we were bach inside she insisted to lay down in her whelping box. At 3.54 am we knew why, the first pup was born. Three hours later the show was over, Shiloh whelped 8 puppies – 4 boys and 4 girls- It would have been 9, but the last one didn’t make it on time, it was stillborn. Well breeder’s delight and breeder’s woe are very close sometimes. However, the rest of the gang and Mummy Shiloh were alive and kicking.

OK, that’s it for the moment – see you later. Oh, by the way there are still some pics I wanna show you:

Who watches very carefully should have noticed that in the left picture there are only seven puppies. Where is No. 8? Well, No. 8 died after 4 days, Shiloh was rather exhausted from the birth and all that nursing and cleaning that she didn’t notice that one of her pups crawled under her, she was laying on him and suffocated the pup. What a shit and what a sorrow, but things like this can happen and they happen that quickly that you don’t get a clue. Especially when it happens at night. I’m sleeping directly beneath the whelping box but nothing alarmed me so I couldn’t do anything.

The others did very well, all are big and sound and of course the most beautiful pups of all galaxies, known or unknown. But take a look by yourself:

The cherry on the cake as usual the official beautyshots of the II’s – this time to break the routine after the breedwarden-report, so you really can enjoy the eye candy.

„Raised with love and care by an experienced breeder. Lively, active, friendly and human related puppies. Good quality, good pigment.“

Well, it could have been some more praising, but you never know. For some people a „good“ is  a „phantastic, outstanding, excellent, overwhelming, fabulous, wonderful, awesome, stunning, compelling, super, mind-blowing“ in only one word.