Well, the last news on our homepage date from July 2020, but it took me over oneandahalf years to motivate my hubby – the lazy bugger – to write down some news. It’s January 2022, and since the last news – our NN-Litter – impoportant things had happened. We had two further litters – our OO- and our PP-Litter, see more in „kennel-history“. All 15 puppies are out of home now, they found caring ang loving families. Everybody is happy, so am I.

We got two new bitsches – both very promising, but still our little secret. They will appear on the homepage after they manage to get their breeding permission. And in Corona-times it takes a little longer than usual. So wait and see.

However, if there is inflow there’s outflow as well. We lost Shiloh and Payla is retired. You can read more in „Our Dogs“.

I’m keeping the following story under news although it’s not real new but it is still ruling our life – and people should know. Directly after Christmas 2016 we got an official letter from the building authority of our county opening a lawsuit against us. They forbid that we keep more than three dogs on our lot and in our house and they forbid us to breed. What a nice christmas gift, wasn’t it?

So, we had to fight against it, wouldn’t you too? In the following months we had to suffer a lot, experience incredible, preposterous, absurd and abstruse argumention by the building authority and finally dispair on the sense of justice. We had to learn the hard way that the German building law is one of the most imprecise and vague laws you can imagine. And if there are no concret rules, it’s red tape all the way and you are at the mercy of arbitrariness. The pretext of German building law should be a quote of Friedrich von Schiller: „The meekest man cannot remain at peace If that displease a neighbour quarrelsome.“ And we learned that it is absolutely regardless, whether your quarrelsome neighbour lies or exaggerates exorbitantly or is just mean. It  will do that he complains – wrong or right doesn’t matter.

The reasoning of the building authority behind the law suit was, that dogs might bark and many dogs might bark even more and that’s why there is a certain possibility that many dogs can possibly cause such a noise threshold that your neighbours‘ health can possibly be damaged severely. To override this argument we  recorded in writing every little or bigger bark of our dogs with length and time, over several months. All our eight dogs alltogether barked about 8 minutes a month or less – eightyfive percent more than 60 yards away from the next house and about 100 yards away from the house of our mean neighbour. I couldn’t find a doctor who agrreed that is enough to kill people or even harm them. We confronted the building authority with our bark protocoll and the answer was: „That is irrellevant, it does not interest us at all. We have to protect the neighbours!  And it is absolutely sufficiant that there might be a noise threshold, it is not neccessary that it happens.“

So, eight dogs are a danger for the health of neighbours – three dogs not? Why three dogs? The building authority says: „Three dogs are just still allowable for a living area.“ Who determines that? The building authority says: „We defined it by ourselves and it is binding for the whole county.“ – a rule built by ignorance, cluelessness and malevolence. You can say arbitrariness as well.

What about the prohibition of breeding? „It stays persisting! However, ein or two litters per year – that is not breeding!“ – says the building authority. That’s what I call a masterpiece of dialectic – define things as you like it but as they were in reality. The master of dialectic – the old and mean Stalin would have been proud of the German building authority. With the same logic behind it you can easily say: Murder is against the law, but killing one or two persons a year is not (just) murder.

We fought but we lost, going to court would have been a hopeless case. So, we had to give away five of our dogs, what we never concidered to do, it was hard for us, it broke my heart, we couldn’t cope with it for a long time, it still hurts and it still makes me angry and furious.

Consoling is the fact that all dogs found a new wonderful home that the total Dailuaine-Family supported us all the way, morally, with sympathy and empathy, by adopting our dogs and even financially. Me and my family are so thankful for that, without them we surely wouldn’t stand it and overcome it somehow.

So, what’s left? – We only have three dogs nowadays and we will not breed any longer, but we will have one or two litters a year – hopefully.