This is Josie’s third litter – another one I am proud of! Unfortunately, we had two dead puppies, but the live ones were superb! Josie was at her best – a loving mum! The only thing that she was rather upset about, was that she was expected to whelp in the new whelping box, because the “old” one was already being used by Layla  and her puppies. Josie decided she was going to whelp in the laundry basket next to Layla and her puppies and not in the new whelping box. Within a few minutes, Layla and her puppies were re-homed into the new whelping box and Josie started whelping her puppies in the now empty “old” whelping box.

This K-Litter and the J-litter were very special litters. Besides all the visiting prospective puppy owners, a newspaper journalist wrote an article in the local paper about us and a regional TV station produced and aired a film on the Dailuaine Kennel!  15 little TV-stars! Wow!

With all this publicity, the breedwarden’s report was again favorably positive:

„Beautiful rearing job, balanced, typical golden litter, friendly, confident puppies with super socialization.“

Well, with all the visitors we had, the puppies had to be socialized …