I don’t want you to get bored, so this time we start with something absolutely unusual – with the pedigree of the little GG’s. It doesn’t look all too bad for me.

Those who know my kennel and the homepage page by page might feel a little brain rumbling – this pedigree looks familiar in some way. Is it a déja vu? – Yes, it’s a déja vu or for the non French speakers a „seen it before“. Well, this pedigree is in some way evocative of the Y-Litter-Pedigree – no wonder, it’s the same thing, a repeat mating. And some may say, well it looks like the CC-Litter as well. You are right, because it’s a repeat-litter to the CC’s as well. And the smartest among you may say: and what about the EE-Litter? They are right too, because it is a repeat-litter to the EE’s as well.

Why? – Because I like the Y’s and the CC’s and the EE’s a lot and all health results prove the quality of this combination, except for one. But that little girl had a duel with a car and that has nothing to do with bad genes.

Quite unusual to do the same thing four times – yes, but I’m known for doing things like this. And til now, it pays off.

On the 6th of February – that’s my hubby’s birthday – they did it again – fast and furious – the way River and Jersey love it. Not bad for an old couple. However, four times in four years is way under average for normal (i.e. human) couples.

We expected whelping on April 9, but Jersey decided the 8th suits better. So she whelped on the 8th, however she got 9 pups – better than the other way around.

The birth was long, about 6 hours from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. – well, just a normal working day and no overtime. And I am thankful that it happened in bright daylight and no nightshift for me.

So, here they are – Jersey and her little GG’s:

now it’s time for our picture-novel of the puppies – wit just a slight surprise, I’ll tell you later!

Well, compared to the former carousels this was a mini-crousel, and the pups in it didn’t grow much.

You are damned right, but there is a reason behind it. Only two days after the GG’s the HH’s were born. so I developped a new pedagogical concept for breeding, called co-education. You simply take two litters and out comes a big pile of puppies and the two litters melt into one. Jersey whelped 9 GG’s, Ruby 5 HH’s, the moms are getting along very well, we built a huge puppy ompound and put 2 whelping boxes in it. And because Ruby was a bit underemployed with her 5 pups and Jersey was a bit overemployed with her 9 pups (compared to the number of tits), we planted 2 cookoo’s eggs in Ruby’s whelping box, so both had 7 pups and everybody was happy.

When the GG’s and the HH’s were able to run around they mixed together from the beginning and drank there where they could find a tit if it was their own mom’s or from their step mom, they didn’t care and we neither.

That’s why we’ll show you part 2 of our puppy carousel – this time with the GGHH’s in the spotlight.

So, that’s it with co-education – let’s get back to pure GG-stuff – the official beautyshots:

Wait a second, I’m working on it – here it is, the official report of the breedwarden:

“Very homogeneous litter. Typical heads, good substance, nice catpaws, excellent pigment, dark eye, very good angulations, human related and absolute happy! … Very nice breeding by an experienced and well organized breeder.”

Well done Mrs. Breedwarden!