This time we’ll start this page a little different than usual – just to break the routine – let’s start with the pedigree this time. It’s not bad at all – lots of „Red“:

Those who know my kennel and the homepage page by page might feel a little brain rumbling – this pedigree looks familiar in some way. Is it a déja vu? – Yes, it’s a déja vu or for the non French speakers a „seen it before“. Well, this pedigree is in some way evocative of the Y-Litter-Pedigree – no wonder, it’s the same thing, a repeat mating.

Why? – Because I like the Y’s a lot and all health results prove the quality of this combination, except of one. But that little girl had a duel with a car and that has nothing to do with bad genes.

Well,on the 9th and 10th of September they did it – fast and furious – the way River loves it. And by the way, two days later he had a girl from England – same procedure and she is full to the rim, too. Very unusual that a dog living in Germany mates a girl from England, River can be proud and I’m sure he is.

So, now it’s waiting again – around the 10th or 11th of November we will know more. Maybe we’ll get a pup on the 11th at 11.11 a.m. Exactly when the carnival season starts in Germany. If that will come true, we’ll name him Carnival Prince or her Carnival Princess.

Well, it turned out to be the 8th of November, when Jersey whelped ten pups – f boys and five girls – couldn’t be better!

Here it comes again – the coursing through the seven first weeks of the CC-puppy life.

Coursing is over – high time for the official beauty shots:

And what had his majesty the main breed warden have to say about the CC’s?

“Appealing, harmonic litter, expressive heads, promising construction, nice bone, good coat, good pigment. Even tempered, snoopy, playful, confident with grown dogs, friendly and confident with strange people. This litter is very well socialized.“

A good and just judgement!