Sunshine’s fourth litter. For the first time we used a German studdog – well, not a genuine German – just one that was bred here in Germany.

We kept two bitches out of this litter. After all the bad luck we had had, we decided to go on the safe side and keep two. If one wouldn’t meet the strict breeding regulations here in Germany, surely the other one would.

As a reminder – we had kept a bitch out of  the A and B-litter. One flunked with her hip score and one had a missing incissor! Josie was our “return to sender” – so I considered her our ray of hope. It seems that this time we were more than just lucky. Both girls passed the strict breeding regulations (as did the whole litter!) so both stayed ….. Dailuaine Destiny’s Child (Layla) is my husband’s pride and glory, Dailuaine Diamonds ‘n’ Pearls (Pearl) is mine!

Dailuaine Double Deuce is a proven studdog and is on the cover of a German breed book (he is also depicted inside as “the typical golden retriever of today”).

I don’t think I need to quote the breedwarden’s report this time. By the way it was quite nice anyway.