I’m delighted and impressed that you’ve found us. These pages will give you an overview of the golden Dailuaine Kennel. For those who don’t know it: Behind the dogs is me- Christine Bugiel.

My life with Goldens started in 1991 when I imported our old boy Cracker from Scotland. I’m still deeply grateful that the grand old lady of Golden Retrievers – Mrs. Thelma Theed –  helped me „the greenhorn“ with my start into the Golden World. Her advice was invaluable, but above all, she opened some doors for me. And without her, I wouldn’t have got my Cracker.

Even before the beginning I started to read a lot about Golden Retrievers and tried very hard to learn about their needs and wants. It became obvious that a Golden has more potential than just being a pet dog. I wanted to do it wright and joined the German Retriever Club and the Gölden Retriever Club to get their advice and help to give my Creacker an appropriate education and welfare. Well, it seems I did quite a good job with him. And besides that I’ve loved him to death.

Back in 1999 I started breeding with our Sunshine – a Amirene bitch from Margaret Woods – and from her on with her progeny.

Since then  you can find me at shows, on the road for the Golden Retriever Club or on the telephone and somewhere along the way, I became active for the German Golden Retriever Club as breed warden.

But enough with self-adulation – just one other thing:: I hope you will have some fun clicking through these pages.

And I have to make some acknowledgements. I need to say „thank you“ to Ronald Schmidt who created the new Dailuaine website and invented our new logo and tried – with  more than Buddhistical patience – to teach my website-apprentice-husband how to fill these pages.

And last but not least I have to say „Thank you“ to Christoph Oesterling who supports us technically, server-wise, organizationally and sponsor-wise. Witout him we would get lost in the snarls of the internet.

Witout these two the literary diarrhoea of „my want-to-be-author-lord and master“ would got lost in the endless vastness of the internet. Well, eventually worth a consideration. But sometimes you have to be strong and overcome a temptation.

Just a little hint, where to find what: Just follow the menue above and you will find:

  • „News“ will keep you up to date with everything that happens in our small cosmos.
  • The chapter „Dailuaine Kennel“ describes how it started, what my objectives are and if I achieved some.
  • In „Our Dogs“ you can learn more about all our dogs and you can even look at them.
  • The „Kennel History“ provides information about all our litters – from A to Z and from AA, our second tour through the alphabet.
  • The „Puppies“-section describes our actual litter, the brand new pups. They will move over into the „Kennel History“-chapter as soon a new litter is born or on the way.
  • „Contact“ offers you any opportunity to get through to me, in case you want to communicate, ask something or whatever.