The story of the X-Litter is based on a German proverb. And I have to say that English is by far not a real congenial language for my brilliant creative output, because there is no equivalent for this proverb in English. So, I have to invent one and maybe it will find its way into the Encyclopedia Britannica. The proverb is: You cannot sell me an X for a U. And it means: You can’t fool me. So far for the explanation, now comes the story and I hope you get it because of course you are not very accustomed to newly invented proverbs. We’ll see. Now the story – and keep in mind, it’s all about the letters X and U and surprisingly about V as well. Now the story – but first I have to mention that I hate jokes that need an explanation, but it’s not my fault – it’s a lack of proverbs in English. Now the story – but read it slowly and carefully, so you get the clou. Now the story – finally:

With this litter I don’t want to sell you an X for a U, but an X for a V. You don’t get it? I knew it before – so I have to explain it especially for you:

The V-Litter was out of Dailuaine Judge ’n‘ Jury and Trewater Rapunzel. The X-Litter will be out of Trewater River and Dailuaine jewel in the crown. Whoever knows a little bit about how to name a litter might have a guess how this fits together. And those who still have no clue I will explain it: Dailuaine Judge ’n‘ Jury and Dailuaine jewel in the crown are brother and sister out of our J-Litter. And Trewater River and Trewater Rapunzel are brother and sister as well. So, for the X-Litter you take the sister of the dog of the V-Litter and put her together with the brother of the bitch of the V-Litter.Therefore, the X-Litter is the same as the V-Litter, just the other way around.

And now the mega clou: Take a closer look at the letter X and you will see that the upper half of this letter is a V. And the lower part is a V too, just upside down. And that’s exactly what we did with the X-Litter. And if you talk in pedigrees, it fits too. The upper half of the V-pedigree is the lower half of the X-Pedigree and vice versa. So, you take a V and a upside down V , put it together and you’ll get an X. That’s why I can say: This litter is an X for a V.

The pedigree of the X-Litter is identical to the pedigree of the V-Litter, except of the parents and just the other way round. What you can say as well is: The little X’s will be cousins to the V’s.

Following a good tradition – the comments of our honoured Lady Breed Warden:

„Well balanced, lively, clean puppies of nice type. Good bone and pigment.“

Well, this is a pretty meager evaluation. Maybe this Lady Breedwarden is not a woman of many words – well, that’s seldom but possible. At least, every word is true and right.