River’s official name is Trewater River and he is out of Ripple and Harry, the experts know them better as D CH Trewater Ripple und SH CH Shardanell Castaspell. I know both quite well. Ripple used to be my dog, I made her German Champion, before she went back to her breeder. And I used Harry for a mating with Pearl for our P-Litter. So, I knew exactly what to expect. And my wishes came true.

River is really a big boy, well angulated, nice in proportion, with beautiful coat and a forechest you only can dream of. Despite his huge appearance he is a cuddle coon who only wants to be friendly, although he sometimes shows it a bit too enthusiasticly.

In the showring he got his first tickets and he passed all requirements for his breeding permission with flying colours.

So, River is an official stud dog now and his breed value is brilliant:

Hipscore: 4/3 (that’s an A-Hip in Germany), Ellbows: 0/0, Eyes: clear, breed standard qualification : Excellent, breed permission without restrictions.

He surely made good use of his breed permission – only with our girls he sired six litters: X-, Y-, AA-, CC-, EE- und GG-Litter. Well, in fact it had been only two girls who enjoyed his service – Jewel and his favourite partner Jersey. He always passed on the best of him and wqs able to get the best out of his dames. No wonder that River was one of the very few who sired bitches in the motherland of the Goldens, in England. However, he was also allowed to have some affairs here in Germany.

And to crown his sire career I still have frozen semen from him and I really want to use it for something very special. We’ll see …

However, River is one of the victims of our malicious neighbour and the building authority and had to go to a new family. He too found a loving and caring family that had a dog from uzs before that died. Because I know that River can be a great consoler he became their new darling within no time – thanks to his overwhelming will to please.

River is now 10 years old (2018) and can have many happy years with his new family still – unfortunately not with us.

Unfortunately this wish didn’t become true. River went over the „rainbow bridge“ just a few days before Xmas. An ugly and highly aggressive cancer tumor hit him, it coulcn’t be operated anymore and his new family could only do one thing to help him, they had to let him go to save him from suffering. We are all in mourning and share the valuable memories of this wonderful character. The „Gentle Giant“ left this world and will care about us from above. I need to thank his new family for all what they did to River, for all the love and affection. He had a good life also because of you.

Fare well River, we miss you and keep you in our hearts for ever.