Jewel aka Dailuaine Jewel in the Crown.  So aptly named – because she is a real jewel and a real sweetheart!  Jewel is a golden treasure chest filled with all of her parents lovely traits! Sweet, charming, gentle, active, biddable … where is my thesaurus?

Believe it or not she can bark too – she tells anyone that walks down the 75 metres of our fencing – this is my home!

Jewel has sniffed show atmosphere. She took her two outings like a veteran ….. she enjoyed her appearance in the ring (and her placing of course)  and then curled up along the ringside for a nap! She did a good job in the ring competing with all those „fashionable“ new type of Goldens I’m not fond of – light, shortlegged,plump. She is an old-fashioned traditional Golden, just the type I prefer: compact, deep chest, elegant andwith excellent angulation. Just the way I like it and just the type I want to breed despite the fact that this type is a bit out of fashion, but quality will succeed in the end.

Like her parents – she is a natural retriever! Her first retrieval was a baby bird! Still alive and not a feather bent out of shape ….like her dad many, many years ago!

Therefore I am glad and happy that she passes on her outstanding genetics out of the Amirene-line. She gave birth to four litters – R-, T-, X- and AA-Litter. Whereof the AA-Litter is something very special, because it combines my two main lines, the Amirene-Line and the Trewater-line. And with her daughter, our Shiloh, we might be able to continue – hopefully successful – the „All-in-one“-line.

When Jewel was 12 years old (2018)  she too became a victim of our malicious neighbour and the building authority. It broke my heart when I had her to move out. It’s of great comfort that she could move to her daughter that was named Jewel as well. Now there is a problem, but her new family solved it quite easy. One is called „Djuel“ and her daughter „Djuulie“ and it seems to work. Ears of a dog work qite better than human ears. That made the trick – maybe.  She lives in a loving and caring family, she likes it there – so Iam consoled a bit.

She lived a happy life there, till cancer in her mouth affected her. With 13 years you don’t operate a dog taking away half of her jaw, suffering in chemotherapy, minimizing quality of life with very insecure perspective. I think we made the right decision: no major operation and therapy, just cutting away the tumor as far as we could without stressing her too much. She still was kicking for almost a year, still happy and still full of life – till the moment came when cancer took over. She wasn’t happy any more, she started to refuse eating and with such a happy eater as Jewel was for her whole life, that was the moment to let her go.

Thank you Jewel for being part of our life thanks to her new family for takeing  so good care for her and loving her as much we did. Have a good time in Dog’s Heaven and give our best wishes to all the others of the gang.