For matings we have been in Belgium, in England, in France, in The Netherlands and in North-Germany, always abroad, as you can see.

I selected a beautiful husband for Skye, named Moorfield Morning Archibald, living in Austria, as his name points out very clearly. „Archie“ stuck in my eye a long time ago, I think, because he reminded me of Crackerjack, my first Golden from Scotland. I love Archie’s impressive appearance, his wonderful temperament and his noble character. And he has an excellent pedigree matching perfectly to Skye’s.

Can you expect more? And it will be exciting to see the outcome of this mating, because two very different characters are involved – a male softie and a female whirlwind.

October 15 was D-day! 6 healthy puppies – 2 girls and 4 boys. Well two less than predicted, and two days earlier than calculated. Well, better good in whelping than bad in counting. By the way, mother and her puppies are absolutely o.k. and that matters!

Did I forgot something – of course: the report of the breedwarden:

„Friendly, tame, typical Golden puppies with a lot of tail-action. Super coat and construction, very nice pigment. All in all a wonderful litter, super socialized, very promising.“

What a good breedwarden. Everything correct.