Ruby’s official name is Trewater Rapunzel and she is out of Ripple and Harry, the experts know them better as D CH Trewater Ripple und SH CH Shardanell Castaspell. I know both quite well. Ripple used to be my dog, I made her German Champion, before she went back to her breeder. And I used Harry for a mating with Pearl for our P-Litter. So, I knew exactly what to expect. And my wishes came true.

Ruby turned into a wonderful and beautiful bitch. She is a real character, absolutely lovely, however she can be thickheaded too. She is full of life and can be really demanding too – for food as well as for getting petted, but always nice and friendly. Her will to please is extraordinary.

She was successful in the showring, collected some tickets, but was more or less handicapped by family-planning. The role as caring mother is the most important part of her life, she always enjoyed it having pups. She gave us five litters one better than the other or should I say the other better than the one. Well, to me they all were outstanding. The HH-Litter was her last litter, now she is retired – whelpingwise. Of course we kept some of her offsprings. We’ll see what her siblings will bring …

However, Ruby,too, is a victim of our malicious neighbour and the building authority. She had to leave home. We made that decision, because when we were forced to reduce the number of dogs, friends who have a son out of Ruby offered to give her asylum in their family and because we knew Ruby would have a wonderful life their, we let her go. Her new family loves her to death and she loves them. She can live together with her son and a lot of sheep and lambs who she would love to adopt right away.

The only ones who are left behind mourning is me and my family. And I still could spit blood, whenever I have to write about it or have to tell someone that sickening story.