This litter is aptly named: Impossible Made Possible. It all started off as an impossible mission, but in the end the mission was made possible!

Pearl is Layla’s sister – but everything that is easy with Layla, is complicated with Pearl. Pearl doesn’t like to come into season regularly. We even thought she might have a “white season” – but Cracker would have told us.

The next hurdle was that the novice vets in the university clinic (we wanted expert help for Pearl) said: you’ve got to get to France in a hurry, she’s ready to be mated.  Off we drove – only to realize that Finn wasn’t interested in her at all. Clever dog!

Back in Germany we demanded the expert vet gynocologist for further testing!  After days of testing, we drove to France again – this time Finn was interested! Four weeks later, we knew that Pearl was in whelp! Joy and Happiness! The whelping started off as usual without  complications. Then a dead puppy was born – our first dead puppy!  Three weeks later, we had to let one of the four  puppy girls go. She had what I suspected when she was born – a hydrocephalus.

The remaining 2 boys and 3 girls have grown up to be very pretty and typical Dailuaines.

And the famous infamous breedwarden’s opinion:

„A very promising litter. Extremely well balanced, excellent  heads with lots of expression, excellent socialization, nosey and playful. No signs of anxiety or fear.“

Well, Mission impossible made possible or mission impossible accomplished!