This is Josie’s fourth litter, but it should have been her third. But when it was time for it Duncan didn’t have the clearance with the German Retriever Club, because he was missing one show result. However, as you can see it was a „see you later“ and not a „see you never“ decision.

And it was a good decision too. The puppies are well done – super temperament and super construction.

The only sad thing was that one of the originally five puppies didn’t make it. Our little Miss Violet passed away after nine days. She had a intestine problem, didn’t gain enough weight and got weaker and weaker, although we fed her by hand around the clock for three days. The other four helped a lot overcoming the dark days..

Something forgotten? Oh yeah – the traditional breedwarden report:

„Very promising litter. Slightly different in type, but all with excellent construction. Typical, expressive heads, excellent bone and coat. Perfectly pigmented. Playful, curious and friendly. No shyness or fear towards strangers. Very well socialized.“

Nothing to complain nothing to add to – except: he is damned right – our dear Mr. Breedwarden.