This is not the Zero-Litter, this is the Ooohh-Litter. No, not the „oh-my-God“-Litter, this is a „Oh-yeah“-Litter, wanna bet?

Anyway, this was Josies last litter. Therefore we decided not to try something new but do the best once again. And Josie’s best litter was the one with Trebell Taken by Storm. The L-Litter, if you want to know and look what we expect.

On March 30th the puppies were born. We had seven puppies, unfortunately one girl was born dead and a boy died on the second day. That’s breeder’s grief.

Breeder’s delight is that the other five – 3 boys and two girls- are doing very fine. They are absolutely gorgeous.

Still something missing? – Of course: the report of the breed warden – we’ll see if she thinks it is a „oh God“ litter or a „oh yeah“ litter:

„A Golden litter raised with lots of knowledge by a very experienced and qualified breeder. Very nice Golden puppies, very typical and organic, heads full of expression. The puppies are very pleasing, open-minded and playful. Super pigment.“

Sounds like „oh yeah“ for me! Oh, by the way, within this litter our 100th pup was born – that’s why I named him so.