This litter is another step to continue the traditional old Amirene-Line, because Percy is a son of Shadow (Amirene Wind In The Willows). So, Leyla had the honour first with the father then with the son. However, that is not so uncommon in noble families. And Percy is an old pal of us, because he was the lover of one of our dogs before, he was the sire of the Q-Litter. So we know quite well what to expect out of this combination – at least temperamentwise and that’s what matters most.

I am really proud of this litter, especially temperamentwise. Stay as you are, keep on doing fine and your new families will be as proud of you.

And the breedwarden’s comment?

„Typical and very balanced litter. Well socialized, vivid, playful, friendly towards humans. Raised with lots of love and caring.“

My comment to the breedwarden’s comment? -„She’s right!“ And what did my husband say? -„Yes, dear!“