I had a certain plan for the Z-Litter. That’s why I choose the only bitch with a “Z” in her name – Trewater Rapunzel, even if she’s called Ruby. Officially she has a”Z” in her name.

And that Beethoven – that I like so much, who is ideal from his pedigree, ideal from his appearance, ideal from his temperament – that Beethoven doesn’t have the slightest “Z” in his name. And I wanted to mate “Z” to “Z”!” My nincompoop hubby  had the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. Should the whole drama start from the beginning again? No way! So he came up with a stroke of genius to make that Mr. Beethoven fitting and take away the nagging doubts from his shilly-shally breeder-wife. What again is the name of the bugger you picked for Ruby?” „Beethoven Of The Hellacious Acres!“ „Beethoven of what? Nobody can memorize that. So, what comes after Beethoven is crap, we’ll delete that. So, what does Beethoven tell us? He composed nine symphonies … (He paused, fishing for compliments regarding his profound half knowledge – what he got was a ho-hum “and?”) … and the “Nine” is the same as a “Z” – just in numbers, not in letters. A “Nine” is the “Z” among the one-digit numbers – the last! Here you are – there is the connection. It fits!” And then he started singing – lucky you that you didn’t have to listen – “Freude schoener Goetterfunken, Daughter of Rapu-hu-nzel!” “Clear as it can be it can be no other than this Beethoven, this Ludwig! And his kids are automatically noble – they are of Beethoven. Or to be more precise, because that dog is Dutch, they will be “van Beethoven!”

After that was settled, we could get down to action – not before taken a glance at the pedigree to water your mouth:

Well, so far with the preludium. Let’s get to rumble. Ruby got into season, her hormons did the jingle-jangle, off we went towards the Ijsselmeer to Bart and Charmaine and that Beethoven that Ludwig. Wham-bam-thank-you-mam. That’s shagging on dutch.

Let’s celebrate a premiere. Normally you will now see a pic of the newborn pups. This time we start a lot earlier with a prenatal photo. Because it will reveal a real sensation. A sensation not everyone will see. One of the few that are able to see it is my „brain -fart“-husband – maybe because he was only looking with his right eye, his 10% eyesight-eye. Or he took some hallucination-drops like a bottle of booze or LSD or he brought back some doobies from Holland. Otherwise, not in your wildest fantasy would you come up with such an association.

And this is what he thinks he saw: He saw a head, a head with a wild bunch of hair around it, a head of hair. Does this remind you of something? No? Well, me neither. But it reminded my hubby of something. It reminded him of Beethoven. O.K. – true, he was known and envied for his flowing hair. But what in hell has that to do with me and my fruitchamber? I don’t get it, you don’t get it but he got it.

O.K. – he was right. By enormous technical effort this lousy picture was refurbished pixel by pixel. A never known sharpness was achieved for a simple ultrasound picture. And if you see the restored pic the scales fall from your eyes. And only hard core art- and music-philistines will not recognize anything – but I don’t give a shit about them.

O.K. – open your eyes and focus:

Now you feel something like a holy cow moment, don’t you? Is this a sensation or is this a sensation?! Ruby’s offspring looks exactly like Beethoven himself. Nobody can deny that this is Beethoven’s offspring too – not after seeing this. But maybe it’s old Ludwig in person – a recaninysation?

Let’s take a look whether they look like Ludwig postnatal too. Well, no! At least not like the original Ludwig, but maybe a bit like the Ludwig dog, but that’s all!

8 weeks later no Beethoven-look either, just ravishingly beautiful puppies but no reborn Beethoven.

All of the loyal readers  – who managed to follow our kennel history from A to Z – are already waiting for it – for the official report of the honorable Misses Breed-Warden:

“Very balanced litter, very nice heads and construction. Lots of pigment and super coat. The puppies are very human-related and friendly. Full of temperament and play-instinct and joy of movement. Free from fear, super socialized puppies.“

What should I say? She is absolutely right – this honorable Misses Breed-Warden!