On the 26th of March 2013 Layla aka Dailuaine destiny’s child has said farewell to this world and us forever. For over five months she battled against lymphoma courageously and full of zest for life. For such a long time it looked like she would win the battle, but in the end she lost afterall. Within one week’s time she became weaker. On the day of her death we received the diagnosis that the cancer had returned despite all the previous tests that she was cancerfree. This desease is so malicious and snuck straight into her bone marrow which even medically was totally unexpected. In the end she was so weak that we had to make a final decision. We had to let her go to prevent suffering. „Layla we will miss you but you will stay in our hearts and we will remember you in gratitude and love and your grave will be decorated with a beautiful rhododendron – promised!“

Left are memories of ten wonderful years that she shared with us. From day one of her life her sweet character fascinated everyone. She was a real beauty, had excellent show results – a VDH-Judge said she is an „anatomic wonder“.  However, she wasn’t a career girl but the best friend you would want. She was very talkative – the most vocal Golden we ever had – and she passed this trait on to several of her children. Well, we soon knew that her inner traits were special and her credit. Her endless will-to-please, overboarding gentleness and friendliness towards other dogs and humans. And that was exactly what we wanted her to pass on to her children – and she did just that. 34 puppies in 4 litters and to date 39 grandchildren carry her excellent genes and character. And she loved her role as a mother and lived this role to the maximum. Every litter was raised with so much love and affection that her lips were red and chapped – sometimes bleeding – because she cleaned her pups with such devotion.

If you want to know more, then read up under „Kennel History“ the litters H, J, N and S. Her grandchildren are in litters R, T,X, V and AA. Soon her next grandchildren will be born – the AA-Litter.

What comforts us a little bit is that we will have the chance to continue her line with one of her granddaughters. Keep your fingers crossed for us.